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I've got a attitude,which people can't take it.

- I'm not an expert at relationships, i dont know how to handle every fight we're going to have, and i will never be a perfect person. We're both still young, and we still have a lot more to learn. But i'm willing to take chances, to risk it all, and learn everything there is to know just so i can keep us together, I wont give up on you. I PROMISE. <:
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Thursday, March 31, 2011

When we first met I didn’t think you would become this important to me.

Hi! I'm back once again, I got forced to update my blog one okay. :( School's awesome nowadays, because of people like Shayne, Craig & Ljh. Our group was like a KTV lounge. We can't stop singing songs! ^^  Even teachers find us irritating & said that our class not kbox. -.-Periods getting more & more boring ever since we got the new term's timetable. Freaking slack nowadays. Got maths quiz like dont have like that. Dont even want to do. Was slacking all the way during the test. Wrote myself a 0/20 on my own maths paper. Dont even bother to do. All i did was, singing all the way, going to the toilet, talking to friends! :D 
Science teacher STARED  at us because we sang during her lessons. I dont find any wrong in it okay. -.- Sing only what, also never disturb your lesson. Wtfish you want from us? Do you ever think that, why we keep talk in your lesson, giving you attitude & all those fcking shyts? I'll tell you why. BECAUSE YOUR LESSONS'S FCKING BORING. Get it? :D I hope you do. Maths also. I dont get it why we can't fcking change our subject teachers. I rather have Mr Teo as my form-teacher & subjects teacher, better than you 4. All with fcking attitudes, starestarestare. -.- I gave you my attitude is because you dont even fcking talk to me nicely.

Coughs, flus, vomits. Their all aproaching me back once again. I'm suffering! :( Vomited twice in schl yesterday, 30th. Because i dont know why. & i swear, it wasn't the first time i'm vomiting in schl. The feelings sucks! Sucks to the core! Fcking hate the feeling. *Back to post* Okay. As mentioned, my computer broke down. Been using my brother's lappy to online. He's been freaking good to me nowadays, which-i-dont-know-why! Been faceboooking, tumblring,youtube-ing & lastly, stalking. :D Haahaaaaaaa!

The answer is " You. 
Because of YOU  i finally know what's the meaning of true love. 
Another 14 more days, 14 more days to our 8th monthsary. Yes, i admit, he's my longest boyfriend i've ever had. He dotes on me. He treat me like his little princess. He scolds, he worries, he care, he love, he kiss, he hug. He's the one, i'm going to make him mine. He's the one, i'm going to make him my last love. He's the one,     my one & only. He's the one, i truly love after so many relationship. No matter how strong our quarrels are, we wont end up breaking. But we'll end up falling deeper & deeper, closer & closer. :')
I can't promise you that i'll help you solve all the problems you have, but i can promise you that, i wont let you suffer everything alone, i'll be there for you no matter what. Iloveyou for who you are when i'm with you. :')
I woke up every morning with your morning msg, & fall deeeper & deeeper! :')

I love 14th. The one & only sweet, caring boyfriend i've ever had! :')
iloveaasonlimweesiong. :')

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